Creative Organizational Tips for Your Home

Organizing Your Home

Organizing your home can seem like an overwhelming task that only experts or professional organizers can complete, but it’s not! Mastering the art of organizing your home is entirely attainable and can be achieved with a little effort, time, and planning.

Many creative organizational tips can be applied to the different areas of your home, and most of them don’t require you to buy any new organizing products! These simple ideas are easy to set up and maintain and help you organize your home to make life easier.

1. Start Small and Focus on One Area
Most people think they can organize everything simultaneously, but that’s not the case! You’ll feel overwhelmed and tempted to give up if you try to tackle the whole house at once. That’s why it’s best to begin by organizing only one area of your home at a time, according to professional organizer Vicky Silverthorn from You Need a Vicky.

2. Reduce Visual Clutter
Keeping your space organized is about finding things quickly and putting them away when you’re done. And if you constantly have to hunt around for something, it can take the fun out of being organized!

Instead, aim to keep your spaces open and straightforward. That way, it’s easier to see what you have and what needs to be done, but less overwhelming for those who live in your house.

3. Label Your Storage Systems
Putting labels on containers, bins, baskets, and other storage options makes knowing each item or category easy. It also helps everyone in your household know where to put things when they’re not in use.

4. Remove Packaging
Removing items from their Packaging can help simplify your organizing space. That can be particularly useful in places like your kitchen, where you may not have a lot of storage space to work with.

5. Choose Furniture That Has Multi-Uses
Many types of furniture can be used for multiple purposes, such as an ottoman or storage bed. These pieces are ideal for practicing good organizational habits, mainly if you have limited space and need to maximize every inch of available floor space.

6. Use a Timer to Help You Stay Organized
It can be challenging to keep up with your progress when you’re in the middle of an organizing project. That’s why it’s essential to set a timer to stay on track with the work and not allow yourself to give up or lose interest.

7. Don’t Overlook the Small Details
While organizing can be daunting, it can be made easier by taking the time to care for your belongings properly. For example, if you’re working on an area of your home where clutter is accumulating, such as a bathroom, clean up the mess as soon as you finish using it so it doesn’t build up again.

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