5 Key Steps To A More Effective, Successful, Open House

Successful Open House

Although some believe holding an Open House is critical to the sale of a house, in reality, it is just one component in an overall marketing/ selling plan and system. While nearly every real estate agent conducts these events, their value often substantially differs, depending on how they are used and run. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, examine, review, and discuss five essential vital steps to make them as successful as they might be. Unless/ until these are done effectively and efficiently, there is the risk that they are wasted in terms of time, money, effort, energy, and potential results.

1. Marketing/ promoting: The best results come from determining the best approach/ way to market and encourage them. Which advertising media might make the most sense for this particular property? Why do you believe so? How will you achieve the most bang – for – the – buck? Start by identifying the niche, if any, this House and property fit best, and then investigate the best options to attract the right, qualified potential buyers. While everyone wants a big crowd to be attracted to their Open House, unless/ until it is predominantly genuine buyers rather than House – hunters, you will probably not achieve the most desirable objective.

2. Greeting/ welcoming: You only get one chance to make a first impression. This adage is valid for the house/ property regarding curb appeal, staging, eliminating odors/ clutter, and other negatives. It is also true of the agent conducting it and how he greets and meets people at the door, whether they feel welcome and appreciated, and directs them forward.

3. Sign-in: You won’t be able to follow – through effectively until/ unless you get as much information, as possible, about everyone who attends. While I prefer to get them to sign – in via a digital tablet, at least it’s essential. At least get them to do it manually. How can you follow – up if you don’t have this? When you use a digital program/ application, you can streamline the process by automatically transmitting follow-up emails immediately.

4. Show/ Questions and Answers: How well you show the House often depends on how comfortably you welcome and encourage questions with genuine empathy and the thoroughness of your answers/ responses.

5. Follow-up: A real estate agent should consider an Open House as marketing for the subject House and you as an agent. Will you stand – out from the crowd by being proactive? Use the opportunity to follow – up on selling this property and make appointments to show other houses to those who aren’t interested.

Open – houses require much care, attention, time, effort, and expenditure. Doesn’t getting them the most bang for the buck make sense?

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