What Does A HOME, Mean To You?

What is a Home?

Most of us have heard the expression, A house is not a home, but we often pay far too little attention to that before we commit to purchasing a particular place. Wouldn’t it make sense if we spent a little more time and effort considering what would make us believe it to be a HOME and what emotional, family, and personal considerations and necessities might differentiate between simply living in some house and, indeed, making it, a home, of our own? With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly review, consider, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, some of the critical components involved, etc.

1. Human; humane; heart; heals; houses: A fundamental difference to consider in advance is beginning the process by delving deeply into our personal needs, etc., realistically and based on our natural, human priorities, including whether it will fulfill some of our humane – conditions, such as how it might address, family needs and considerations, pride – of = ownership, etc. Identify the emotional components, whether the house strengthens our heart, can heal us when we feel challenged/ sad, etc., and whether it does more than merely house us, etc.!

2. Options; organized; ordinary: Are there any options that might enhance your experience of living where you are? How, specifically, is a house organized, or might it be, so you can be best served by living there? Does a specific residence suit both your everyday and extraordinary needs?

3. Motivate; motivate; make a mark; meet needs: Consider whether your residence will positively encourage you, forward, make your life more fulfilling, etc.! Examine whether your house-hunting or search is based on your actual, necessary motivations! Will you feel happier and more fulfilled, and will it meet your present and future needs? Will this home help you make your mark, in your endeavors, by making you happy, satisfied, and somewhat fulfilled?

4. Emphasis; energy; energize; excellence; enrich: What would you consider your highest emphasis in deciding where you want to live and why? How might a particular home energize you and your life? Will you consider energy – considerations, and how might your living conditions enrich your life experiences and drive you to your utmost degree of personal excellence?

How will your house be transformed to serve as your HOME? Anyone who fails to consider aspects beyond the structural reduces his possibilities of maximizing his enjoyment of living where he does!

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