Would A Solar Roof, Benefit You?: 4 Considerations

Solar Roof

For how many years have we heard about the need to minimize our dependence on non-renewable fossil fuels and replace this with emphasizing greener, renewable energy sources? In the past, some alternatives, which were considered, included using solar, geothermal, etc., but, in most cases, either it was too expensive or unpleasing from a cosmetic or aesthetic perspective! A few years ago, one of the companies founded by Elon Musk created and introduced replaceable solar roof tiles instead of using units that sit on top of the regular roof. He addressed the significant issue of costs by marketing these tiles, at approximately the same price, as conventional roofing. However, each person must discover whether a solar roof would make sense for them or be wiser than a more traditional alternative. There are four primary considerations to evaluate, and this article will attempt to consider, examine, review, and discuss these briefly.

1. Examine total costs: Consider the costs of changing to this alternative style. This includes the materials, labor, hooking these into the electric – grid, and, in some municipalities, the government-imposed fees, etc.

2. Possible Roof Replacement: How old is your current roof? What condition is it in? If you would have to install a new roof, installing a solar roof becomes even more affordable. Are the installers and technicians in your geographic area/ region qualified and trained to properly install these more unique solutions?

3. Exposure and obstructions: Traditional solar panels require Southern exposure to maximize the return on investment! These replaced tiles cover the entire area, but one must examine whether sufficient sunlight in a transparent manner makes this approach the logical decision! Examine whether this style’s esthetics and cosmetics are consistent with your house’s maximum appeal!

4. Local zoning issues, laws, and regulations: Some municipalities impose restrictions on solar panels, but few, to date, have fully addressed Elon Musk’s latest creation! Although, from both a longer-term financial/ economic perspective and a renewable energy point-of-view, implementing this approach is a relevant, responsive, sustainable approach.

After the hurricane devastated Puerto Rico a couple of years ago, Musk’s company brought in these techniques and got certain hospitals, and schools, up – and – running quickly and effectively/ efficiently well before the electrical grid was reinstated. We must begin to think ahead and become more environmentally responsible!

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