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Unusual rock formations, panoramic views, the unbelievably painted deserts, and the majestic sights of the Grand Canyon make for spectacular scenery in the Great State of Arizona. Rich in commerce and the environment, Arizona real estate is ideal for homebuyers, businesses, and investors.


Grand Canyon State’s perfect atmosphere boasts more than 300 days of sunshine annually. Although temperature fluctuations vary, most of Arizona is primarily a Biseasonal atmosphere. Although areas to the extreme north experience quite a bit of cold weather in the winter months, the state has an overall warm climate. It is this pleasant climate that encourages the northern ‘snowbirds’ to come here to purchase desirable Arizona real estate.

While the median household and per capita income are nearly in line with the nation, the median value of homes is slightly higher, mainly due to certain overpopulated and overdeveloped areas. Less populated and not maturely developed areas produce the best bargains in Arizona real estate.

Scenic views and a pleasant climate are good reasons to invest in Arizona real estate. The developed economy and adjacency to more advanced areas make Arizona an intelligent move. As a result of NAFTA, the economies have realized a boost, both privately and from government sources, in developing the regional economies. The short distance to major metropolitan areas, like California and Nevada, has also provoked attention to the Arizona real estate market.

Recent growth in the Arizona real estate market has inflated prices in the prime areas, yet the less developed regions are becoming great bargains. For instance, the most desirable acreage will yield up to $80,000 per acre, while rural Arizona real estate sometimes sells for less than $1000 per acre.

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