5 Steps Towards A Successful Real Estate Marketing Plan

Real Estate Marketing Plan

In most types of real estate markets, the quality and insights of the marketing plan are often significant factors and differences in the results in terms of price and potential buyers. Although, this may not be as significant in an extreme seller’s market. Such as what we are presently witnessing or experiencing; as it is, it still has some impact on others.
The best real estate professionals often differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack by the development and significance of their plans and approaches in this area. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, examine, review, and discuss five key steps toward creating genuinely successful ones.


1. Overall plan: How does the specific property differ from its competition? What exactly is its competition, and why? Which specific niche, if any, might this house fit into? An agent owes it to his client (the homeowner) to thoroughly explain his reasoning and how he plans to create the necessary buzz. Homeowners and agents must proceed on the same page from the onset to maximize desired results. 

2. Table of responsibilities between agent and client: If you want the desired result, begin the process in a mutually informed manner. Each must understand, realize and agree to their specific duties related to this table of responsibilities. The plan is better performed when the owner and agent choose and hire someone they are comfortable with and agree with. For example, the homeowner must keep the house neat and clean. Then it must be ready to be shown on short notice to achieve the finest possibilities. They must discuss items such as displaying, advertising, and open Houses. 

3. Timeline: Most people selling their homes are concerned with the stresses, tensions, and hassles often accompanying this period. Frequent discussions between client and agent help to create a viable timeline and usually a more realistic, prepared homeowner.

4. Review/ discuss: The best-laid plans of mice and men often go astray. How often have we heard that some continue not to learn the fundamental lessons? Since it is impossible to predict the future precisely, usually, there must be a pre-scheduled weekly time (at the minimum) where the parties thoroughly discuss results showings (or lack of) and whether there is a need to adjust/ tweak the plan and approach.

5. Modify/ tweak, as indicated/ necessary: Avoid being inflexible but maintain a balance between what one hopes for and reality. There may be a need to modify and tweak the plan/ approach if and when it’s necessary and indicated

Intelligent agents and homeowners depend upon a quality marketing plan! Doesn’t it make sense?

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